In-debted – Zoe, 17


12th February 2011. Zoe, 17, is a pupil at Taunton School in Somerset. Seen here in her bedroom at the boarding house. Zoe has a conditional offer from Cambridge, University and is hoping to go there next year. She won’t be affected by the increase in fees but worries that even if she gets a degree from Cambridge University, will she still be able to get a job at the end of it?

“The cost of things is rising massively but the value of things isn’t. If I don’t get a degree then I can’t get any job at all. I wouldn’t find having a vocation particularly fulfilling as I’ve always been an academic so I would need something that challenges my brain. In order to get a job that challenges you then you need a degree to meet that challenge. Without a degree then you are not in the running for the few jobs that there are”.

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