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Janey & Adam | Pagan Wedding Photography

Following on from Jenny & Gavin’s Splottsmoor Farm wedding… the next week I was back at this Glastonbury venue again! This time for a very different type of celebration.

Janey & Adam follow a pagan path and so they planned an outdoor handfasting in true pagan style. Splotts Moor is perfect for this as they have a stonecircle looking out to the magical Glastonbury Tor. This is where the couple had their ceremony, which was held by Dawn of the Glastonbury Goddess movement.

It started to rain just before the outdoor ceremony was about to begin but that didn’t put a dampener on things at all. This couple totally embraced the rain “rain is cleansing” said Janey later, as she danced barefoot in the mud. Out came all the brollies as the guests settled in to a enjoy the Goddess-inspired rituals… Enjoy them they did too and so did I! The ceremony itself has to be one of my favourite ever, the Goddesses did not disappoint. There were so many personal touches and Dawn entertained everyone with words of wisdom & knowledge of the local area.

Janey & Adam crafted a lot of the day themselves and there were some amazing details – little Wiccan Charms – hats, broomsticks & pumpkins. Their cake was made by Janey’s stepdad and they cut it with an axe! One of the standout details were the flowers by floral artist Nina Jane. Janey defied tradition by swopping the bouquet for her very own floral broomstick! What a creation it was, as you will see from the pictures. She choose Ivy to bind, Thistles for hardiness and Roses for everlasting love. The top table was modelled on a wild forest or Viking bower. The result – stunningly original and in keeping with the pagan spirit of the day.

From the moment I first spoke to Janey we clicked and I totally loved all of her wedding ideas, being a a bit of a pagan at heart myself. We decided on the spring equinox for their engagement shoot and I met them at dawn in the snow at Stonehenge. It was epic! I was really looking forward to their wedding too and it didn’t disappoint.

This wedding will soon be blogged by Boho Weddings and I can’t wait to see it! I’ll leave you with Janey’s apt description of the day –

“A rain-drenched celebration of love, aligned to the elements and Goddess. A laid-back barefoot Pagan romp, with good food and a Viking bower for a top table”

Janey’s Dress: David Fielden
Janey’s Bespoke Painted Shoes:
Adam & Edd’s Suits: Clifton Suits:
Venue: Splotts Moor Farm
Food: Oaktop Hog Roast
Bar: The Paddock:
Flowers: Nina Jane Norton, Creativity By Nina Jane:
Paper Pleasures Stationary:
Sacred Celebrants: Dawn Kinsella and Sharlea Sparrow:,

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