Helen & Sam | Farm Wedding Photography Devon


This wedding is a lovely autumnal treat, bringing back the golden days of autumn as we head on into the festive season… Helen & Sam are a delightfully eccentric couple so this wedding is quirky and colourful, full of laughter & smiles!

The couple were wed at Berry Pomeroy church, very close to me in Totnes. They then headed to a neighbouring farm, owned by Sam’s parents for a truly homespun reception. All the gorgeous, colourful decorations, both on the tables and hanging inside the marquee, were handmade by the couple for their special day… soooo much love in this DIY wedding! The guests all had some input too as the table of homemade cakes came out… each it’s own unique creation for Helen & Sam. There were surprises in store later… Sam had his own little firework display just after the main fireworks. My favourite moment though had to be the first dance.. these guys just went for it! No smoochy, romantic music here but lots of high energy jumping around (Helen was barefoot!) with a big snog at the end!!

Congratulations again guys.. such a fun day 🙂 It was great hanging out with you…

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3 Responses to “Helen & Sam | Farm Wedding Photography Devon”

  1. Mrs Hazel Hawkins

    Clever Girl Emma but so WICKED; depicting Mother of Bridegroom as Demented Old Bat – hilarious!! Let’s blame Sam for driving me nuts as a VERY naughty little boy – certainly NOTHING has changed see Fireworks pic?? Helen knows what she’s taken on – I checked when they got engaged. Thank you Emma so much for capturing with your unique eye a very joyous and special Wedding Dayx

    • Haha 😉 Thanks Hazel.. I know the pic you mean and i could’t resist adding it! Don’t worry, there are lots of more flattering ones to come soon… great wedding and good you checked in with Helen first hehe 😉 xx

      • Mrs Hazel Hawkins

        How lovely – even more photos – can’t wait…!

        I think the best caption for That Photo would be “Sam’s going to do WHAT during the Firework Display…..?!?”


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