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Here’s  one from the archive for a chilly winters day! Before moving to Devon and working as wedding photographer, I worked for Greenpeace International both as a photographer and picture editor. During my time at Greenpeace I was based abroad, both in Amsterdam and India and I worked on a variety of really inspiring projects. I thought I’d share this one with you as the EU is such a hot topic at the moment!

These photos are from a road-trip I went on with Greenpeace in 2010. We were campaigning for a GE Free Europe and we visited Luxembourg, Hungary, France, Italy and Spain plus many countries in-between. I love looking back on these pics and I tried to include a few more personal ones too. Bob telling us hilarious stories as we travel through the night, the incredible landscapes as we passed through and of course one of my co-travellers reading the ‘On the Road!’. It was a true adventure as we rolled through the changing landscapes on our quirky little bus! We met farmers from all nationalities who were keen to keep farming as organic as possible. People so alike but very different language and culture. The bus became a living petition as people from all over Europe signed up for a ban on GE.

By the end of our trip a million signatures had been gathered for the campaign! This was true European democracy in action. The petition was handed over to Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. Fast forward now to 2015 and it’s looks like the campaigning is starting to pay off – over 17 European countries  (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia) and four regional administrations (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in the UK, and Wallonia in Belgium) are now looking to ban GM crops.

You can see a short video of our GE Free Europe Tour here If you’d like to read more about Greenpeace’s agriculture campaigns today please go to




Greenpeace Wedding Photographer DevonGreenpeace Wedding Photographer DevonGreenpeace Wedding Photographer Devon   Greenpeace Wedding Photographer DevonGreenpeace Wedding Photographer Devon

Greenpeace Wedding Photographer Devon

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