Theatre Trailer for Someone to Blame

A theatre trailer for the play ‘Someone to Blame’ written by Tess Berry-Hart and directed by David Mercatali.

The play tells the story of Sam Hallam, who has spent the last seven years of his life in prison. At the age of 17 he was tried and convicted of murder following an attack in Finsbury by a group of Hoxton youths. Sam denies he was even there. With little education and no funds, he was at the mercy of the justice system. The evidence that put him in prison was so deeply flawed that in 2011 the Criminal Cases Review Commission referred Sam’s case back to the court of appeal. The prosecution’s evidence consisted of two unreliable eye witnesses; one retracted his accusation in court , and the other admitted that when she accused Sam she had been looking for “Someone to Blame.”

The show will be on at the Kings Head Theatre in Islington from 6th – 31st March 2012.

Trailer shot and edited by Emma Stoner.

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