Sculpture for Elmbridge Celebrates festival

5th March 2012. As part of the Elmbridge Celebrates festival, on Monday 5 March at 12noon, Artist Mark Stammers will unveil a piece of art called ‘Motional Figure’, a sculpture symbolising the movement and energy channelled in engaging in sports and physical activity. The sculpture has been installed in front of the Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Centre in Walton on Thames and gives an additional dimension to the facade of the building. Quote from the artist “This drawing evokes the contemporary but there is also a deep vein of an archaic English spirit in the form, one that I have endeavoured and ensured to bring into the finished sculpture piece. I expect it to become more evident at twilight, and in days where the light and tone may vary more markedly with the sky”. Artist Mark Stammers with his work.

© Emma Stoner / Newsquest

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