In-debted – Adam, 17

14th February 2011. Adam (17) (right) is an FE student at Sir John Cass Sixth Form College in Stepney. Adam wants to study a degree in physiotherapy next year. He is seen at a valentines day protest against the fees increasing and cuts to education and other services. 

“I’ve gone to every student demo except for Millbank and I’ve been really involved in the anti-cuts movement and fighting for education in any way possible. I couldn’t care for politics before but now I realise that if anyone is going to make a difference then it is us, the ordinary people. Social networking sites such as facebook played a big role in initially mobilising people. A lot of places have been inspired by the student movement. The people of Egypt released a statement saying they had been inspired by student demos in the UK. So did the people of Wisconsin. Once everyone who is against the cuts takes to the streets then we will see real change. Education is a way to break out of the cycle of poverty and they have gotten rid of that. How do they expect us to make anything of ourselves in this world?”

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